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Water Pumps & Accessories

Take a look at the complete range of water pumps for sale online at Hardware Connection. We have pumps for every application — from small backyard fountains and ponds to submersible power pumps that pump water from streams and dams to water storage tanks. Our range also includes well-known brands such as DAB, LEO and Altimus.

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The selection of a water pump is not easy. There are many different specifications to take into account depending on what you intend to use it for. We will explain in brief how to choose a water pump; always bearing in mind that Hardware Connection can always offer you a solution based on the design that fits your budget and requirements, avoiding any errors when choosing one so that it will last adequately and prevent problems that can be avoided by simple training and knowledge.

So do not worry. At Hardware Connection, we are your solution to find the exact pump you are looking for.

But despite that, we are going to leave you some of the technical considerations in understandable language so that when you are ready to order your pump, you already have a clear idea of ​​what you need.

When choosing a water pump, we have to consider three relevant aspects:

Water pumps are available in different sizes and pressures. They make your garden irrigation possible, and they also efficiently distribute water based on the right pressure through pipes.

  • If you want to invest in such a pump, the first thing you have to consider is the appropriate pressure because it will play the main role in determining its effectiveness.
  • The second aspect is the size of your garden that will determine which size of pump you need to buy.
  • Last but not least, you have to look for a quality water pump that will allow you to irrigate your plants for many years without facing any issues.

For this, we can use most types of pumps, including centrifugal pumps, both surface and submersible pumps.

Dirty water

This type of water is generally from septic tanks or stagnant waters, which contain suspended particles.

Origin of the water to be pumped

The origin of the water that we are going to extract is something significant that determines the type of equipment used.

For example, if it comes from a well, a submersible pump must be installed, and we must know the diameter of the well to determine the type of pump that we are going to use.

Now, if the water comes from a river or a lagoon, a surface water pump must be installed for which there are two types of suitable pumps;


If we are going to put the pump above the water level, we are not talking about whether the pump is submerged or not talking about whether it will be higher than the water level.


Now, if the pump is at the same level or below the water level that we are going to pump, we must use a pump in charge.

The power that the water pumps must have

Once we determine what type of water we will pump and where it comes from; It must be determined concerning the pressure and the amount of water we need, which is the equipment that offers optimum performance.

The nominal water flow measures this good performance; the manometric height and the absorbed power that the pump to be installed must have to be optimal for the job.

You will also ask yourself, at this time, the nominal flow; the nominal flow is the volume of water extracted for a determined time; for example, the most common measurement is that of a litre per hour or that of cubic meters per hour.

To measure this nominal flow that is needed, the following things should be taken as a reference.

What water pump is needed in a house

According to whether they have a kitchen, how old are they? This flow varies from 2000 litres per hour to 3600 litres per hour, and even in larger homes, it can reach up to 7500 litres per hour.

Water pumps for irrigation installations

If we are talking about a home with an irrigation system either for a garden or for the land where there is a home garden, the amount of water consumed by each sprinkler must be well calculated.

With these numbers, you can know the amount of water pumped according to the number of sectors into which irrigation has been divided.

Since we do have sectorized irrigation and do not be simultaneous, the amount of water that the largest sector needs must be calculated.

Regarding the water flow according to the diffusers. We have the 90-degree diffusers are 540 litres per hour while the 180 ° diffusers are 750 litres per hour and also if we refer to 360-degree diffusers, we are in a little more than 1000 litres per hour.

How to calculate the power of the water pump

To calculate the manometric height, it is done as follows:

  • Geometric height + head losses (HM = HG + head loss)

The geometric height (HG) is normally expressed in meters and is calculated:

  • Suction head (Ha) + Delivery head (Hi) (HG = Ha + Hi)
  • Loss of load

When we refer to head losses, we are talking about the losses in the height of water due to friction with the pipes, this friction increases.

The rougher said pipe is also. The longer it is, the greater friction there will be, and therefore the flow that passes through it must have greater power.

Another aspect to consider when calculating the necessary power based on the pressure drop is the obstacles that exist in the water path, such as valves and elbows that exist in the facilities. That is, the greater the amount of CO2, the greater the pressure drop.

So to get an idea of ​​what we are talking about; one elbow is equivalent to 5 meters of linear pipe, and the loss corresponding to each valve is equivalent to 10 linear meters of pipe.

Example of required water pump

If we want to raise water from a well to the surface and obtain a flow of about X litres per hour, we must consider the depth of the well, the pipe's total route, and the diameter of said pipe.

With this, we do not pretend that you are an expert in designing and installing; But if the basic aspects that one has to take into account and consider so that when you get to Hardware Connection so that we can give you the ideal solution you have this more or less clear data to be able to guide you on which are the best performance equipment for the job that you are needing.

How to choose the most suitable water pump

When it comes time to buy a water pump, we must know the different types of pumps that exist.

In this way, we will be able to select the correct water pump appropriately for our needs.

That will depend on whether the use that we are going to give it is for the home or the industry; In addition, we must consider what the power supply source that we have is; and especially the water flow that we are going to ask the water pump.

Mainly there are two large groups of water pumps; On the one hand, there are the centrifuges used to displace clean water or any other type of liquid, such as positive displacement for wastewater.

At Hardware Connection, we have a wide variety of this kind of water pump, so we can advise you on the one that best suits your needs, and as always, at the best market price.

Water pumps: a permanent necessity

The use of water pumps has a wide spectrum covering aspects that most people do not suspect, both in everyday life and in different types of work.

In construction, it is a fundamental element above all to increase the water pressure in any supply system; This also occurs in homes since we often have low water pressure, and we use a pump to increase this pressure.

We can also cite examples How water in cistern wells evacuation of floodwaters, in short, a great variety of applications.

 Among the most common pumps, we will find

  • Motor pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Borehole Pumps
  • Electric pumps for wastewater
  • Electro-pumps for clean water
  • Combined electric pumps for clean water
  • Garden pumps
  • Pressure pumps

One of the recurring questions from the public is what is the difference between a motor pump and an electric pump; this is simple; if the pump works with a fuel engine, it is called a motor pump. Now when we operate the pump electrically, it will be called an electric pump.

Factors to consider when buying a water pump:

Water pump power

For this, we must know the amount of water that we will move to determine the necessary power of the pump.

Water Pump  Motor Type

We must take into account what type of power supply we are going to have obviously if we are in an area with difficult access to electricity we are going to need a motor pump now in the case that the electric current is accessible there we can choose between a motor pump and an electric pump.

Conditions to which the water pump will be exposed

Consider when buying a water pump if space where it will be located in a closed or open space; In addition to other considerations, which are more technical and we advise you to approach the hydromar technicians to advise you correctly which is your best option.

Where can you buy water pumps?

The answer is clear Hardware Connection, for Quality and better Price in Water Pumps. Remember we are always thinking about your ideal solution at the best price; looking to optimize solutions is that we always achieve the best value for money.