Shipping Information

The delivery costs on Hardware Connection work a little differently to standard South African online stores as we’re represent a network of multiple South African based suppliers that deliver directly to you. In light of this, we are able to offer the best prices.

E.g 1: you order items from 1 supplier

You reside in Jhb and purchase various items valued at R1000 from one supplier based in Cape Town. The delivery cost is R75, and your amount to pay is R1000 + R75 = R1075.

E.g 2: you order items from 2 different suppliers

You live in Johannesburg  and order different items valued at R1000 from a tool company in Cape Town and other items valued at R2000 from a supplier in Pretoria.
The shipping cost from Cape Town is R75 and the shipping cost from Pretoria is R85.
Your total amount to pay is (R1000 + R75) + (R2000 + R85) = R3160.