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Free Standing Bath Tubs

A freestanding bathtub is an excellent solution for owners of a spacious bathroom. This bathtub emphasizes the solidity and respectability of the interior, helps to create the maximum uniqueness of the environment. Freestanding bathtubs, as a rule, are not mounted near the wall but closer to the central part of the bathroom, although such models allow you to implement a variety of design ideas. In our category, you can find a range of acrylic freestanding bathtubs for sale.

Our online store for the sale of sanitary ware offers to buy freestanding bathtubs in an assortment variety. Models differ in shape, colour and design of manufacture. The price of the models varies so that each buyer can find the best option for cost and quality.

Our online store offers high-quality modern sanitary ware at affordable prices. Experienced consultants will tell you about the operational properties of the models and help you choose a freestanding bathtub.

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How to choose and buy a freestanding bath?

You can’t forbid to live beautifully – this catchphrase perfectly describes the freestanding bathtubs. After all, this addition can add luxury and chic to any interior and become a stylish highlight of the entire room's design. True, the competent choice of a freestanding bathtub should be conscious, with knowledge of all its advantages and disadvantages, and consider several important nuances. How to do it best?