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Hand Showers

Our extensive range of bathroom products includes everything you need to shower, bathe and clean. From traditional showerheads to modern hand showers and from contemporary bath tubs to wall-mounted bath tubs, we have it all. You will find hundreds of products all in one place. Buy Bathroom Hand Showers online from Hardware Connection. Delivery throughout South Africa.

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How to choose the perfect hand shower: models and materials

The hand shower is one of the accessories that characterizes the shower corner of the bathroom, and it is, therefore, important that it is chosen in line with the other elements of the tap group, recalling shapes and finishes.
Hand showers of different shapes and sizes are available on the market, from the classic models, practical and functional, to designer hand showers, with cleaner and squared shapes, suitable for more modern bathrooms.
In addition to the design, it is also essential to consider the technical characteristics, such as the material, attachment type, and dimensions.

Chromed brass hand showers are among the most popular on the market, especially for those looking for an excellent compromise between cost and product quality. They are perfect for those who prefer models with more elaborate shapes, even classic or rounded.
Those who prefer more refined finishes and a minimal aesthetic with clean and linear shapes will surely find the one that best suits their needs among the stainless steel hand showers. Furthermore, steel does not undergo constant use of detergents and is stainless. It does not rust.

Hand showers and number of jets

A substantial difference between the different models of hand showers available on the market is the number of jets.

  • The fixed jet shower is the simplest type. It provides just one type of vertical jet, usually rain.
  • The 2-jet hand showers represent the first evolution of the product as they allow to combine the rain jet with the waterfall one.
  • In the 3-jet hand showers, up to 4 jets, it is possible to have combined jets and choose different massage functions for total relaxation.

In the most technologically advanced models, the water supply is regulated directly by the knob: a short finger pressure on the buttons on the back of the dispenser is sufficient to choose the jet you prefer. In shut-off models, it is possible to close the water-jet directly from these commands.
In all cases, regardless of the size and design of the showerhead, the arrangement of each dispensing nozzle is carefully designed to ensure a generous and uniform jet.

Shower flow: how to avoid wasting water

Like the showerheads, the hand showers have variable flow rates depending on the network pressure. For each hand shower, the flow charts shown in the technical data sheets specify the limit flow, below which it is impossible to guarantee a homogeneous and comfortable jet. A wide range of reduced flow hand showers is now available on the market thanks to their conformation or specific devices such as flow or flow limiters placed inside them. The water consumption is reduced up to 4 l / min for the smartest models, with a considerable economic saving.

Maintenance and cleaning of the hand shower

To avoid the formation of halos and the accumulation of bacteria, it is important to try to clean the hand shower after each use, even simply with a soft cloth and then dry everything perfectly.
However, the problem that most affects the hand showers is the accumulation of limestone, which, if not treated correctly, can prevent the flow of normal water from the nozzles of the hand shower.
This is a common drawback, which can occur more or less frequently depending on the hardness of the water, i.e. the number of soluble salts and metals present in it.
An ordinary cleaning of the shower certainly slows down the deposit of limestone particles. Still, if this is not enough, it is advisable to resort to chemical or natural anti-limescale products (such as vinegar or lemon).
In the hand showers with an anti-limescale system, the nozzles are silicone to simplify the elimination of accumulated limestone, ensuring greater product durability. The plate is easy to clean and convenient to remove in case of maintenance or replacement.