LEO AJM75 Self Priming Jet Pump (0.75kW, 1hp, 220V)


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0.75 kW, 1 hp, 220 V LEO Self Priming Jet Pump (which pumps water and similar liquids with pressure boosting) transports water and similar liquids. Clear water and other liquid-like substances are transported without significant chemical characteristics. suitable for both house and outdoor use, stress-free hydroponics, and indoor-outdoor water supply pump body and impeller made of stainless steel Waterproof IPX4 protection without a cover for outdoor installations Water pumps offered by LEO Pumps are often creative and give clients with a variety of pumps, boosters, drives, controllers, and more, all while featuring impressive design and top-grade materials. Performance curve LEO AJM75: Our product specifications include: Power: AJM75: 0.75kW, 1hp The voltage is 220V. mechanical system: HT200 venturi tube: partial pressure of oxygen Locks: AISI 304 seal made from carbon and ceramic Nitrile Butadiene Rubber HT200 support cover: Advocacy: ZL102 Origami Fan: Origami Cover back: ZL102C The IP rating is X4. Max. vacuum: +9m. Maximum ambient temperature: +40 degrees Celsius Maximum temperature: +40 degrees Celsius [l x w x h] Dimensions: 455 x 215 x 245mm Weight: 15,5kg

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