LEO PUMPS LGP30-A Petrol Water Pump (6.5hp)


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With pressure boosting, the LGP30-A Petrol Water Pump (6.5 horsepower) transports water and comparable liquids. Non-aggressive water transfers pure water There are three main procedures for water removal. These include flood irrigation water transfer, dust suppression, and dewatering. petrol fuel station filter and pump For mining, municipal, and residential usage, it is ideal for contractors, farmers, and small businesses. Water pumps offered by LEO Pumps are often creative and give clients with a variety of pumps, boosters, drives, controllers, and more, all while featuring impressive design and top-grade materials. LGP30-A curve: Our product specifications include: Structure: LGP30-A Power: 6.5 horsepower Aluminum pump body Composition: Steel Framing Aluminum impeller seal made from carbon and ceramic Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Waterproof seal ring: NBR NBR flow valve Decorative diffuser: HT200 incorporated product: Aluminium product Rubber gasket: NBR Alliteration: Aluminum inlet fill the plug with PA6 plasticizing (coating) cap: PP Temperature: 0 °C and 40 °C The weight is 23 kg.

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