ALTIMUS Self-Priming Water Pump, 3.5L/min, 12V DC


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This small 12V self-priming water pump is ideal for applications that are driven by batteries or the sun. ALTIMUS utilizes it to provide solar drip irrigation for agricultural fields (25 and 50m of 12mm irrigation pipe). autofeeding self-priming diaphragm pump The pump is strong and robust. Also a fantastic level of suction (2 meters) and a unique head (between 4m and 5m) widely applicable flow rate: 3.5 L/min This ALTIMUS drip irrigation device is marketed and manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa, where ALTIMUS specializes in drip irrigation, DC electrical components, and solar panels. The question is: “What is in the box?” 1 DC x 12 volts An on-board self-priming water pump descriptive characteristics Fit: Small Diaphragm Self-Priming Water Pump the power supplied is 12 VDC The maximum current is 3.0 amps. Minimum: 0.10MPa Maximum height: up to 5 meters Capacity: 3.5L/min diameter: 6.5mm (inner diameter) Outlet size: 10 millimeters (outer diameter) Length, width, and height: 125 mm x 100 mm x 60 mm

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