Borehole Pump Combo With Control Box, Motor & 75m Cable (0.75kW, 220V)

The 4SR-14COMBO is a packaged system that includes a 4″ borehole motor, control box, 75 m of cable and a cable joint that will surely provide you with the right components to drill a borehole where you want it. The pump has the ability to handle several different applications, from pumping water to pressure circulation in domestic water, public water and sewage treatment systems.


This Borehole Water Pump Combo With Control Box, Motor, and 75m Cable is a submersible electric pump for boreholes and wells that comes with a control box, motor, and 75m cable.

  • Construction that is cost-effective guarantees minimal costs, great efficiency, improved performance, and dependability.
  • Both the delivery port and the suction support are constructed of precision-cast stainless steel, which guarantees corrosion resistance, durability, and a strong connection to the motor.
  • The pump shaft is hexagonal in shape, which ensures efficient impeller drive.
  • Take advantage of a diverse selection of flow and head configurations with a plethora of potential applications.
  • Useful in municipal, industrial, and agricultural water systems with drilling depths of up to 75 meters (164 feet).