LEO APM37 Peripheral Pump (0.37kW, 0.5hp, 220V)


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To transport water and comparable liquids, the 0.37kW, 0.5hp, 220V Peripheral Pump (Pump LEO PUMPS APM37) has pressure boosting capabilities. Liquid transfers that do not have significant chemical characteristics are clean water/other liquids suitable for both house and outdoor use, stress-free hydroponics, and indoor-outdoor water supply Waterproof IPX4 protection for outdoor installations that do not need a cover LEO Pumps helps its customers find more reliable and efficient water pump solutions by supplying pumps, boosters, drives, controllers, and so much more. All of these options are practical and work well in a variety of situations. The APM37 LEO performance curve looks like this: Our product specifications include: Exemplar: APm37 Power: 37.5kW, 50 watts The voltage is 220V. mechanical system: HT200 Speaker: Zinc seal made from carbon and ceramic Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Credibility: HT200 Origami Fan: Origami How to make a fan cover: ZL 102 ABS-equipped terminal box traditional terminal board: PC For plug filling: HPb59-1 intellectual property rating: X4 maximum suction: +8 meters Maximum temperature: +40 degrees Celsius The maximum acceptable liquid temperature is 40°C. The dimensions are 260 x 132 x 155 millimeters in length, width, and height. The weight is 9 kilograms.

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