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Borehole Water Pumps

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A submersible pump, as its name suggests, is a pump installed underwater. The use of a submersible pump makes it possible to raise water from a well or a borehole, where the use of a surface pump proves impossible, in particular when one wants to recover water.

The submersible pumps for boreholes exist in different sizes, 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, and more. The choice of model depends on the flow rate (expressed in m3 / h), the HMT (total manometric head, expressed in m), the nature of the pumped liquid (freshwater or saltwater), …

The wide choice we have offer makes it possible to respond to all market demands. The submersible pumps are mainly used in deep boreholes. Still, they can also be installed in recovery tanks, lakes and rivers, typically requiring a high pressure or the transmission of the liquid to a great height.

The submersible pumps 5 inches are more suitable for pumping water from shallow wells. The suction is done from the bottom, thus making it possible to draw the water at the bottom of the structure. The pumped liquid cools the engine.