DAB WATERPACK 2 S4-2/7 Borehole Pump Set with 50m Cable (0.37kW, 0.5hp, 220V)

The DAB Waterpack S4-2/7 is designed for water supply, pressure boosting, irrigation and fire suppression applications. These pumps are mounted with a flange in either direction to suit your installation.


The DAB WATERPACK 2 S4-2/7 Borehole Pump Set with 50m Cable (0.37kW, 0.5hp, 220V) is a submersible electric pump designed for 4-inch and bigger boreholes and wells.

  • Construction that is cost-effective guarantees minimal costs, great efficiency, improved performance, and dependability.
  • Abrasion-resistant design and floating impellers provide maximum abrasion resistance.
  • Precision-cast stainless steel delivery port and suction support provide corrosion resistance, longevity, and a strong connection to the motor.
  • The hexagonal pump shaft ensures efficient impeller drive.
  • Non-return valve installed at discharge to avoid backflow and reduce water hammer, thus protecting ABS impellers and diffusers.
  • These pumps provide a wide variety of flows and heads. Among the many application options are lifting, distribution, and pressurization, filling pressure vessels and tanks, fire-fighting systems, and irrigation system cleaning. Water is used in civic, industrial, and agricultural systems.

DAB has been a key participant in technology for the transportation and management of our most valuable resource, water, for over 40 years.

Specifications of the product:

  • P2 nominal: 0.37kW, 0.5hp; operational range: up to 50l/min; head up to 47m
    8 cm/sec cooling flow
  • Installation: vertical position, 4-inch wells or bigger, tanks and cisterns.
  • 880 x 450 x 120mm [length x width x height]

What’s included in the box:

  • MX1 epoxy cable junction kit, 1.5mm2 4 core submersible cable, SABS certified
  • 40mm base-plate with integrated cable gland for the control box
  • Adaptors for men
  • Nylon safety rope, 6 mm
  • Tesla 4OL submersible motor with a wet end