DAB WATERPACK 4 S4 -2/14 Borehole Pump Set with 70m Cable

The DAB WATERPACK 4 S4 -2/14 Borehole Pump Set with 70m Cable (0.75kW, 1.0hp 220V) is a submersible electric pump for 4-inch boreholes and wells and larger. The WATERPACK range meets the highest demands and are designed to be used as stand alone systems for private households, garden centres, farms and public water supply. The high level of technology gives the system an unusually long life time and it is virtually unbreakable which makes this range very popular in agriculture and industry.


The DAB WATERPACK 4 S4 -2/14 Borehole Pump Set with 70m Cable (0.75kW, 1.0hp 220V) is a submerged electric pump designed for use in boreholes and wells with diameters of 4 inches and greater.

  • Construction that is cost-effective guarantees minimal costs, great efficiency, improved performance, and dependability.
  • Construction using abrasion-resistant materials and floating impellers ensures maximum resistance to abrasion.
  • Both the delivery port and the suction support are constructed of precision-cast stainless steel, which guarantees corrosion resistance, resilience, and a strong connection to the motor.
  • The pump shaft is hexagonal in shape, which ensures efficient impeller drive.
  • A non-return valve is installed at the discharge to avoid backflow and water hammer, thus protecting the impellers and diffusers made of ABS material from damage.

These pumps are capable of producing a broad variety of rates and pressures. Distribution, Lifting, and pressurization, as well as filling pressure vessels and tanks, as well as fire-fighting systems and irrigation management cleaning, are just a few of the many application options. Water treatment systems in civic, industrial, and agricultural applications.


DAB has been a leader in the field of technology for the transportation and control of our most valuable resource, water, for more than 40 years.

DAB provides technical solutions for residential and commercial building services, as well as agricultural and irrigation applications, that provide dependability and efficiency while reducing energy consumption.

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As a result, DAB’s innovation entails constantly finding easier installation, usage, and maintenance options for its products.