DAB WATERPACK 3 S4-2/10 Borehole Pump Set With 70M Cable (0.55kW, 0.7hp, 220V)

The WAP 3 S4-2 pump is highly effective for intensive use in different applications, e.g. domestic water supply, industrial plants, building constructions and large scale horticulture. The design incorporates a four-pole electromotor, a centrifugal pump and a complete PVDF suction valve with integrated diaphragm protection. Pump models are available with various installation features such as threaded pipe material and flange connections to meet any site installation requirements.


A submerged electric borehole pump for 4-inch boreholes and wells and bigger, the DAB WATERPACK 3 S4-2/10 Borehole Pump Set With 70M Cable (0.55kW, 0.7hp, 220V) is a submersible electric pump for 4-inch boreholes and wells and larger.

  • Low cost, high efficiency, improved performance, and dependability are all advantages of cost-effective construction.
  • Abrasion-resistant design and floating impellers provide maximum abrasion resistance.
  • Precision-cast stainless steel delivery port and suction support provide corrosion resistance, longevity, and a secure connection to the motor.
  • The hexagonal pump shaft ensures that the impeller is driven effectively.
  • A non-return valve is installed at the discharge to avoid backflow and water hammer, protecting ABS impellers and diffusers.
    These pumps are capable of producing a wide variety of flows and heads. Lifting, distribution, and pressurization and the filling of pressure vessels and tanks, fire-fighting systems, and irrigation system cleaning are all possible applications. Water systems in civic, industrial, and agricultural applications.

DAB has been a major participant in technology for the transportation and management of our most valuable resource, water, for more than 40 years.