TRADEPOWER MCOP1402 Water Pressure Booster System, 220V


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For workshop applications, the TRADEPOWER Water Pressure Booster System, 220V is an excellent option. The pump, controller switch, and pressure vessel are all part of the system. Ideal for usage in the home or in small industrial facilities The pressure vessel makes sure the pump will not turn on when there is a little water so the noise and wear on the pump are reduced. The pressure vessel ensures the water pressure is precise and consistent. 12-month manufacturer’s warranty Tradepower offers a wide range of pumps and accessories for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Specifications for the product: The input voltage is 220 Volt the tank volume is 20 liters Maximum depth: 40m Max. suction height: 8 meters pressure setting: 1.4 bar Stop the pressure: pressurizing the system to 2.8 bars The maximum particle diameter is 3mm The temperature at which the maximum fluid temperature is set is 35°C. Maximum ambient temperature: 40 degrees Celsius The warranty is 12 months long. Width: 300 mm; Height: 570 mm; Length: 535 mm

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