TRADEPOWER MCOP1409 Self Priming Jet Booster Pump (1kW, 1.35hp, 220V)


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The MCOP1409 Self-Priming Jet Booster Pump is a centrifugal pump with jet installation and impeller transmitter. The shallow well adapter of the jet mounting is linked to the pump box. Automatic jet booster pump Ideal for use in the garden. Not suited for drilling. Constant water supply pressure is maintained in the required application Simple, versatile and dependable, guaranteed for 12 months Tradepower offers a wide range of pumps and accessories for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Why should a jet pump be selected over a fuel pump? A jet pump can manage any air that may enter the water column and discard it because of its built-in diffuser. This cannot be achieved by conventional centrifugal pumps and may lead to pumping or full suction losses. Tips for Jet Pumps Installation Make sure you keep all sections of the suction pipe below or in accordance with the pump inlet. This prevents any air from getting trapped in the pipes. Do not utilize an undersize pump shaft on the entrance side, always attempt to match the pump fitting diameter Always ensure that electrical supplies and any potential water sources are kept dry Do not operate the pump without water since it will lead to overheating and failure Specifications for the product: Power rated: 1000W Speed of engine: 2850/min Head max: 50m Maximum flow rate: 55L/min Maximum suction: 8 meters Outlet/Entrance: G1″ [l x w x h]: 400 x 160 x 120 mm. The warranty is 12 months long.

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