LEO XS60 Centrifugal Pump, Three Phase (1.1kW, 1.5hp, 380V)


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For transferring liquids with increased pressure, the Centrifugal Pump, Three Phase (1.1kW, 1.5hp, 380V) transports water and comparable liquids at a speed of up to 3500 RPM. Liquid transfers that do not have significant chemical characteristics are clean water/other liquids capable of fulfilling industrial and urban water supply requirements, increase pressure, collect rainwater, provide water for domestic use, transport water over long distances, and provide heat, ventilation, and air conditioning Waterproof IPX4 protection without a cover for outdoor installations Innovative water pump solutions are provided by LEO Pumps, which includes pumps, boosters, drives, controllers, and all kinds of other options. The product has strong design and high-grade materials. Specifications for the product: The XS60 has a power of 1.1kW and 1.5hp. cast iron impeller, or brass impeller seal made from carbon and ceramic Permanent Support: Cast iron The front cover has cast iron. Ease of use: Simplicity Cold-rolled sheet-powered rotor Suspend rotor: Aluminum shell A capacitor is a quality capacitor. an end plate made of aluminum fan protection: Noryl Maximum ambient temperature: +40 degrees Celsius Maximum temperature: +40 degrees Celsius The IP rating is X4.

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