LEO XHS2000 Self-Priming High Volume Centrifugal Pump, Three Phase (1.5kW, 2.0hp, 380V)


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Self-priming high-volume centrifugal pumps, in this case the LEO XHS2000, transfer a wide range of liquids under pressure. Clear water and other liquid-like substances are transported without significant chemical characteristics. suitable for well, lake, or river water pumping ideal for industrial and agricultural applications Waterproof IPX4 protection without a cover for outdoor installations Water pumps offered by LEO Pumps are often creative and give clients with a variety of pumps, boosters, drives, controllers, and more, all while featuring impressive design and top-grade materials. The LEO XHS2000’s performance curve looks like this: Product Specifications: representation: XHS2000 Capacity: 1.5kW, 2.0 horsepower The voltage is 380V. Converter: HT200 NBR valve: Do not reuse. Inlet: HT200 Ceramic/carbon seal: Impeller: Positive: PP HT200 Support fan art: ’06F’ The rear cover is named ZL 102. The IP rating is X4. Maximum suction: 8 meters maximum ambient temperature: +40 degrees Celsius Maximum temperature: +40 degrees Celsius Length, width, and height: 430 mm x 222 mm x 308 mmWeight: 36.6 kg

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