Whether you’re a handyman or a DIY enthusiast, those essential tools will always be there for you. A hammer, a pair of pliers and a drill are mostly all you need to handle any odd job. Let’s find out what else does your plumbing toolbox requires.

Read further and discover some basics. For the purpose, we consulted professional handyman Shame Bruce for the top ten handyman tools that you must have at home. 

Upgrade your basic tool kit set with our handy checklist and look around our hardware and accessories shop to equip yourself. 

Flat-head & Star-pointed Screwdrivers

RYOBI Cordless Screwdriver With 6 Piece Accessories In Blister Pack, CS-1480, 4.8V

A set of screwdrivers or a cordless screwdriver is a must in every home and office. Use the flat-head one to tighten screws that have a small linear cut on their heads. Some of those are the round head screw, the binding head, and the bugle head.

Work with a star-pointed or Philips type of screwdriver to tighten oval and raised head screws. We all know how frustrating it is to lose a screw. Invest in a magnetic-tipped screwdriver set to avoid unpleasant situations.

Impact Wrench

RYOBI IW-2000 Impact Wrench, 200 NM 5YR, (320W)

It’s great to have a good impact wrench to help with nuts and bolts in your house. And if you aren’t ready to put money into it, consider buying an adjustable wrench. The movable jaw works great with different-sized fasteners. With the adjustable wrench, you won’t have to switch between tools and lose time. It’s perfect for all kinds of odd jobs and plumbing tasks. 

Every handyman has that gadget in the bag of tools.

A Regular Claw Hammer

The dual-functionality of the claw hammer’s head gives you the ability to make your work effortless. You can both drive nails in and out with ease. The size of your hammers depends on the task you do. Larger nails require a heavier hammer.

The wooden handle breaks easily, and it is outdated. Look for steel or fibreglass type of shaft to make your work comfortable. A chipping and ball-peen hammers are another substantial addition to your toolset.

A Set of Pliers

If you are looking for a sturdy grip to lose a fixture, pliers will serve you just fine. The slip-joint type is splendid for everyday tasks. But if you love DIY challenges, locking pliers are your best bet. Handymen also call these plier wrenches, because of their adjustable mechanism.

Needle-nosed pliers can give you that precise touch you need to fit minor components. Those elegant tools are not well fit for heavy work, they can easily break under pressure.

Utility Knife or “Box Cutter”

This all-round tool can help you out with almost every task. Use small pressure to cut through cartons, plastic, and cloth. Be extra careful of the sharp razor and avoid injuries.

You can replace worn-out blades, and that is a great benefit of those ordinary-looking tools. Whether a tradesman or a DIYer, the utility knife can become your most essential instrument.

A Spirit Level

The spirit level allows you to hang your shelves and mirrors straight. Measure the position of any object with the help of a small air bubble located in a sealed glass container.

With the help of a carpenter’s level, you can mark the right drilling spot. To that, your paintings and wall-hung furniture won’t look crooked.

Different Sized Hex Keys

You can often find hex keys in your flat pack furniture package. Those L-shaped rods’ function is to drive bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets. There are various sizes for the different socket types.

Furniture manufacturers do not always include the keys within the package, so it’s better to have your own set. The hex key kit is a must in every homeowner’s toolbox.

A Power Drill

how to choose a cordless drill

The drill is multifunctional. You can use the tool to drill holes and drive screws. Optionally use attachments to expand the functions of the gadget. Excellently use the screw-assist extension or the angle driver.

Opt for fast and efficient results with the power drill. It comes with an original box where you can store it and avoid any damage. The tool is dangerous in the wrong hands, so keep it out of reach from children.

Nail Gun

Hammering a nail is simple, but you’ll eventually tire with greater counts. A nail gun provides you comfort and convenience when you work on extensive projects. Be mindful of unintended nail discharge, as it may cause serious injuries.

Read the instructions before you use any power tool. Whether you build a treehouse or a bench, nailers are great for wooden materials.

And a Circular Saw

MAKITA Metal Cutting Circular Saw 4131, 165mm, 1300W

The toothed or abrasive disc of a power-saw can cut through most materials. Most handymen use it in woodworking, and it’s one of their primary cutting gadgets. Before you jump into projects, learn how to use the tool. You don’t want to injure yourself or others.

Final Words

To keep electricity waste in mind is great of power tools don’t do that and we always recommend using high-end gear over manual work. There are cordless power tools, which weigh less and don’t require additional equipment.