Choosing a generator for a summer house and home: wide possibilities in a compact design

generatorCurrently, in South Africa, hardly anyone will be surprised at the sudden outage. The technological age has solved many problems, but it has created no less. Well, a person quickly gets used to the good, this is its essence. “Well, really nothing can be done about it?” – you ask. Sure! You can go to court, attend church once a week, relieve stress through meditation, or join the ranks of anti-globalists and express your protest, etc. “And it’s all?” – I hear a disappointed murmur in the back rows. No! To truly resolve this energy injustice in the house, only a good finding a good generator for sale will help.

And here the fun begins. How to choose it? Do not despair. To begin with, let’s figure out what it is all about – a generator?

What is a generator?

A generator set is a device that produces electricity by burning fuel, running on petrol or diesel fuel. It consists of an engine and a generator mounted on a steel frame or on a bed through shock absorbers. Everything is clear here, filled with petrol and, let there be light! But not so simple.

There are a number of points to consider when choosing.

Power and number of phases of the generator for giving

Before choosing, you must decide on the power that your power plant should have. To do this, you need to add about 20% to your peak load. But nevertheless, the best option would be a hired specialist who correctly considered may remove the serious responsibility from your shoulders. You must also consider the number of phases. Decide what you will use in the future, single-phase or three-phase devices. It directly depends on your wiring.

Synchronous and asynchronous

Generators are asynchronous and synchronous. Asynchronous have a simple design, as a result of which they have certain advantages. For example, they are more resistant to short circuit and various overloads. But the quality of electricity of the asynchronous generator leaves much to be desired. Synchronous ones have the ability to produce “pure current”. This may be useful to “inductive consumers.” Synchronous models are capable of withstanding peak loads. Asynchronous ones do not know how.

Generator fuel

The important question that you need to answer is what your home generator will be using. Two models have their own characteristics, we will consider them separately.

If you want to choose a petrol generator, please note that they are intended only for short-term use. They are less reliable than diesel ones, they generate less electricity. But they weigh less and can work in the cold!

Have you decided to buy a diesel generator? This means that you need a reliable and long-term source of electric current. A diesel generator, as you might guess, runs on diesel. Its efficiency is much higher than gasoline counterpart. The energy received on diesel fuel quickly pays off, because of the cheapness of such fuel. This is the main reason for choosing such a power plant.

Other things to consider when choosing an electric generator

Well, the last thing you can pay attention to is the presence of noise protection. After all, no one wants to suffer from unnecessary vibrations and bounce. Especially you. But basically, this may be needed if the generator is placed in a living room. Also, what else deserves our attention is the availability of autorun. If you are lazy or vice versa, too busy a person and you have no time to follow this unit, and especially turn it on, then take care of this option.

So we examined the main criteria in choosing a generator for home and garden. The choice is yours. Good luck