RYOBI Corded Heat Gun, HG-2000, 2 Speed, 450-600 degrees, 2000W


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Corded heat gun with two temperature settings Provides thermal overload protection & dual airflow settings Perfect for heat-shrinking plastic film, softening adhesives, bending plastic pipes, drying paint or varnish and stripping paint RYOBI Heat Gun, HG-2000, two Pace, 450-600 degrees, 2000W is the perfect tool for any workshop. Ryobi began their functions sixty many years in the past in Japan and because have grown to be a number one provider of die-cast aluminium energy gear on the planet, making secure, easy-to-use goods which are tough and extremely practical. Item specs: Energy enter: 2000W Temperature setting: 450 degrees low, 600 degrees high Airflow on low temp: 300l/min Airflow on high temp: 500l/min Excess weight: 0.8kg

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