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Heat Guns

A heat gun is a real versatile tool that can help you in many tasks where a direct source of intense heat is necessary. Their ability to thaw, strip, shrink, bend or even weld materials has proven extremely useful in many applications and different circumstances.

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What should I think about before buying a heat gun?

It’s simple, the type of work defines the choice of a heat gun. Before buying, think carefully about the tasks you will have to accomplish. If the task or material requires a precise temperature, you would need a gun with many possibilities to adjust the temperature. Multiple temperature settings will give more precise temperatures, which will help you better reduce theed risk of damaging the material.

Hot air guns have different power levels, displayed in watts. So what is the difference between high power and weaker power? Work gets done faster with a high power level because power affects the combination of high airflow and high temperature, allowing you to work more efficiently in larger areas.  A low power heat gun can reach the same temperature, but its airflow is lower, which means it takes longer to cover the same work area.

What are the areas of application of heat guns?

These guns are suitable for a wide variety of jobs. Common applications include paint stripping, defrosting, shaping and shrinking plastic tubing, loosening of bolts, desoldering, and automotive and body repairs.

A heat gun is also ideal for drying paint, small electronic repairs, vinyl or leather repairs, car wrapping, melting wax, peeling off adhesives, stripping paint, removing tiles, weeding or lighting the barbecue.