A blow torch can be useful during maintenance work but also in the culinary field. Whatever use you want to make of it, you should not choose it randomly. Indeed, to be sure not to regret your purchase later, you must take into account certain determining characteristics, which are detailed in this article.

Is there a difference between the kitchen gas torch and the DIY gas torch?

These two models, intended for a different use, reveal disparities. The DIY gas torch,  also called a blow torch, incorporates a burner mounted on a larger gas tank. The flame produced is therefore greater, but the gas torch used in the culinary field is more compact and has more limited autonomy.

Indeed, its gas tank is smaller and its flame is therefore also. Even if each of these types of torches can be used for these two uses, they are nevertheless two different tools which present distinct selection criteria.

The criteria for choosing the DIY gas torch

Flame temperature

The first criterion to take into account is the temperature of its flame. Indeed, this characteristic is decisive because it guarantees the success of the work that you will carry out at home. In short, if a low temperature flame is sufficient to defrost a pipe for example, it will not be able to carry out welding operations and soldering. These operations require a flame whose temperature reaches at least 1,500 °.


Autonomy is also an important selection criterion, directly linked to the size of the torch tank. Again for small jobs requiring short-term use such as defrosting, low autonomy is enough. On the other hand, welding and brewing operations require significant autonomy.

A tank or a cartridge?

Gas torches dedicated to carrying out various works offer models with a tank or cartridge. When it is a tank which contains the gas generating the flame, the torch requires recharging as soon as its tank is empty. This element therefore always remains on the torch. The cartridge must be replaced when it no longer contains gas.

The torch with tank seems more practical because it does not force you to buy a compatible cartridge with each refill.


When we talk about ergonomics for a gas torch, we think above all of its handle. Indeed, it must imperatively offer a good grip and have a non-slip surface to guarantee easy and safe use.

Certain welding operations will require time and precision. This is why you must hold your torch firmly and easily without risking injury.

How To Use a Blow Torch