SANIFLO® SANISHOWER® Lift Pump for Grey Water, 2 Inlets, 250W


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SANISHOWER® Lift Pump is the ideal solution to install a shower and washbasin when regular plumbing is unattainable or too disruptive to access. You can add a shower and washbasin anywhere needed, regardless of the current sewer point location. The Sanishower Lift pumps grey water through a dedicated discharge pipe: gravity is no longer required for drainage. Can be installed under the shower tray or next to it for simple maintenance Unit is discreet, operates with low sound and requires no gravity for drainage Requires only water and electrical supply Can discharge vertically up to 4m or 40m horizontally Includes a lift pump with a 250W motor, a water level detection system & a non-return valve SANIFLO, initiating in France has since established itself as the market leader for macerator and grinding pumps. Its products are renowned for durability and have been preferred by plumbers worldwide for over 50 years. Product specifications: Inlet: 2 Inlet diameter: 40mm Recommended discharge pipe diameter: 22-32mm Motor power: 250W Supply voltage: 220-240 50Hz Electrical class: 1 Sound level: 46 dB(A) Max horizontal discharge: 40m Max vertical discharge: 4m Warranty: 2 years Dimensions [L x W x H]: 295mm x 165mm x 145mm

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