RYOBI Electronic Battery Charger, BC-1200, 12AMP



Electronic charger for service free and lead batteries with gel, showing charging progress on an ampere gauge Enjoy longer battery life and protection from polarity inversion, overcharging & short circuits Equipped with 1m power leads, 2m charging cord, and large clamps Manufactured with a tough sheet metal housing for added protection RYOBI Electronic Battery Charger, BC-1200, 12AMP is a must have for every garage. Ryobi started their operations 60 years ago in Japan and since have become a leading supplier of die-cast aluminium power equipment in the world, creating safe, easy-to-use products that are durable and highly functional. Product specifications: Power input: 143watts Power output: DC 12V / 12 Aeff, 8 Aarith Maximum current: 12A Durative current: 8A Voltage: 230V 50Hz Weight: 3.4kg

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