RYOBI Corded Planer, PL-650, 82mm, 2mm DOC, 8mm Rebate, 650W


Add this plane to your workshop and build precise cuts with the retractable rear stand. With an ergonomically designed handle, large lock on button, and an aluminium bracket, this planer can cut flat and long straights when you need them. Produced with a planing depth dial for additional control and a built-in spanner for a quick adjustment, it’s the perfect tool for making precise cuts. The 82mm blade has 2mm of DOC (depth of cut) for rough shaping and 8mm of rebate on each side of the cutter at 90° to the blade to make sure your workpieces are fully

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Planer with an ergonomically designed handle & a large lock on button Outfitted with an aluminium bracket and a retracting rear stand Produced having a planing depth dial and guide fence for additional control Enjoy quick adjustment having a built-in spanner RYOBI Corded Planer, PL-650, 82mm, 2mm DOC, 8mm Rebate, 650W is the perfect tool for any workshop. Ryobi began their functions sixty many years in the past in Japan and because have grown to be a number one provider of die-cast aluminium energy gear on the planet, making secure, easy-to-use goods which are tough and extremely practical. Item specs: Voltage: 230V 50Hz Energy enter: 650W No load pace: 17500min-1 Protection course Planing depth: 2mm Planing width: 82mm Rebate capacity: 8mm Excess weight: two.7kg

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