LED Strip Light (10m), 12AV, IP20 6000K Daylight



60 LED’s per cut metre A working lifespan of 35 000hrs 24-month warranty Lightweight and versatile having a variety of application 3m adhesive mounting tape Power drivers not included. Meteor is a range of commercial grade LED lights that offers superb performance with high-quality aesthetics and great reliability. *Important Note: Strip lights are sold in rolls of 10m (2x5m strings). LED strings must not exceed 5 metres when used in a DC series circuit. Any additions must be connected in parallel. Not adhering to this will result in a loss of lumen output. All exposed cables must be separated and properly insulated. Don’t fix this item with Acidic Silicone or any other Acidic Adhesive nor install in a Hazardous Environment. There is a cutting point for your convenience after every 50mm intervals. Technical Specs: Power: 10W/m Input Voltage: DC 12V Recommended DC Power Supply Capacity:The load must always be ≤80% from the capacity score on the 12V DC LED driver. We recommend 60W per 5m string LED Chipset: SMD2835 Cover: Open Mounting: 3M Adhesive Tape Cable Polarity: Positive = Red Negative = Black Lumen Output: 780LM/m Color Rendering Index: >80 Luminous Beam Angle: 120° Protection Level: IP20 Operating Temperature: -25°C to 60°C Gross Weights: Per String (5m) – 0.04KG Per Pack (10m) – 0.12KG Dimensions: Per string (5m) – 5000x8x0.1mm Per Pack (10m) – 238x220mm

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