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Rotary Hammers

A puncher is used for chiseling and drilling concrete, stone and brick. It is useful to chop the tiles, to grind the channel for wiring or a recess for the outlet. The types of perforators differ in the location of the engine, weight, power method and type of cartridge.[su_expand link_color=”cc0000″]

Types of device for rotary hammers

  • With a horizontal arrangement of the engine in the shape of the body resemble a drill. They are long and not very heavy.
  • Vertical engine layouts are more compact. The engine in them cools better and is easier to maintain.


  • Light (up to 3 kg) – low-power models for homework.
  • Medium (up to 5 kg) – tools for more complex professional tasks (for example, drilling with a crown).
  • Heavy (more than 5 kg) – powerful tools that can work as a jackhammer.

Power way

  • Cordless rotary hammers are powered by lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium batteries. They are mobile and autonomous.
  • Mains drills are connected to the mains using a cord. Suitable for long work.

Cartridge type

  • SDS + is used in light and medium models. Suitable for drills with 10 mm shanks and 4 grooves.
  • SDS-MAX is a heavy-duty tool holder. Accessories for them with shanks with a diameter of 18 mm and with 5 grooves.
  • SDS-Quick – cartridge drill Bosch Uneo. Instead of grooves in the shanks, the protrusions, therefore, the equipment does not rotate, and the transmission of torque from the engine to the nozzle increases.

What to look for:

Characteristic Description
Power affects its productivity and energy consumed. For different models – from 400 to 1500 watts. A more powerful punch will do the job faster;
Number of modes (2 or 3) – drilling, hammer drilling and chiselling. Demolition drills will cope, for example, with the dismantling of a concrete screed.
Speed ​​controller necessary for working with different materials.
Reverse will help get stuck drill and unscrew the fasteners.

What will be required for work?

Having decided on the specifics of the work, do not forget to pick up equipment

  • For concrete – drills and grease ;
  • For working with wood and metal – a cam chuck with an adapter for clamping a nozzle with a cylindrical shank, as well as a drill ;
  • For hollowing – peaks or chisels ;
  • For the preparation of mixtures – whisks for construction mixers ;
  • For safety , gloves , glasses or a mask, as well as ear plugs .

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