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High Pressure Washers

The high-pressure washer is designed for non-contact washing of machines, cleaning garden paths, building facades, sidewalks and other cleaning work. A powerful jet of water under pressure of tens of bars effectively copes even with the most persistent contaminants. Browse our selection high pressure washers for sale.

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High-pressure apparatuses

They are designed to ensure efficient washing of buildings, bridges, pools, roads, monuments, cars, equipment and more. They are:

  • Household and professional
  • With or without water heating;
  • Autonomous or powered by the mains;
  • Mobile or landline.


Before you buy a high-pressure washer, determine the tasks for which you want to use it. Pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The pressure. Household sinks have a pressure of up to 150 bar, and professional mini-sinks with spray guns deliver a pressure of up to 500 bar;
  • The function of protecting the engine from overheating. Present in industrial models;
  • Possibility of water intake from various tanks. For operation in a summer residence
  • Water suction function. For use without additional water supplies.
  • Heating function. For connection to any source of hot water.

However, before purchasing a minimal wash, it is worth considering that not all models are designed to use high-temperature flows.

Also, pay attention to the material of manufacture, the quality of the tooling (guns, connectors, hoses), the correspondence of the main technical characteristics to your goals and objectives.

Various nozzles will save effort and time, especially if you are going to wash the car. Also, careful handling of the device guarantees a much longer-term of its operation.