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Straight, Die, Bench & Angle Grinders

Grinders are used for grinding, polishing, levelling and stripping. Used for processing wood, metal, stone, concrete, glass, ceramics. Useful in the repair and construction, in-car service, furniture production, etc.


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Types of Grinders

    • Surface grinding (vibrating)

An abrasive sheet is attached to the base of the grinder. When turned on, the stove starts to move with a small amplitude, making vibratory movements. Used for processing large surfaces: boards, metals, etc.

    • Tape (endless)

The abrasive tape glued into the ring acts as a snap. It is stretched by two rollers, due to which the work is carried out. They are used for rough grinding, removing layers of wood, removing rust or coating from the workpiece: paint, varnish, putty, etc.

    • Eccentric (orbital)

The nozzle is fastened with Velcro to the disk. It takes a couple of seconds to install and replace. During operation, it makes a circular and reciprocating motion. Do not leave traces of processing on the workpiece—ideal for machining small or curved workpieces, finishing and polishing.

    • Delta grinding

The snap fastener is hooked to a triangular base. Used for processing hard-to-reach spots, corners and finishing.

    • Direct

The main feature is an elongated slim body. The shape resembles an elongated engraver. The tool is mounted in a collet clamp. Used for working in hard-to-reach places: deburring, removing rust, grouting irregularities and welds, etc.

    • Brush

Works with metal, abrasive, corundum, nylon and polishing rollers. They are used to remove rust, paint, varnish, finish preparing the surface for coating and give structure to wooden workpieces.

    • Polishing (angular, disk)

Suitable for polishing surfaces with felt, foam or fur circles. Most often used to add shine and protective equipment to the car.

Characteristics of grinding machines

    • Power

The performance of the tool and the possibility of continuous operation depend on power. For home and summer cottages, models up to 1000 W are enough. More powerful ones are used in professional activities.

    • Speed

The speed of the tool depends on the power and determines the processing capabilities of different surfaces. It is better to choose models with a speed controller. For grinding and grinding, set high speeds. For polishing – low.
Manufacturers indicate tooling speed without load. It is below the declared value during operation if there is no function to maintain speed under load.

    • Useful features

The soft-start system gradually accelerates the equipment, which reduces the load on the power grid. Useful when working in unstable power networks or from a generator.
A nozzle for a dust collector allows you to install a bag or connect a vacuum cleaner to a grinder. Helps maintain cleanliness in the workplace and maintain a clear view of the workpiece.[/su_expand]