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Compressor (air compressor) – a device for compressing and supplying air under pressure. Compressed air is used for many tasks, including for:

  • pneumatic tool work;
  • inflation of tires, inflatable boats and pools;
  • cooling;
  • gas station of high-pressure gas cylinders;
  • car wash.

In addition, compressors are widely used in all areas of production.

By design type, the following compressors are distinguished:

  • piston;
  • screw.

In turn, pistons are divided into oil and oil-free. Oil compressors are optimal for pneumatic tools. They have a large resource of work – up to 5 thousand hours, but supply air with an admixture of oil. To obtain clean air, oil-free compressors are used. They are in demand in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and in everyday life – for painting work. Their service life is shorter compared to oil compressors.

Screw compressors are industrial. They have high performance, can work around the clock and have a large working resource.

By type of drive, compressors are:

  • coaxial (with direct drive) – productive, but less reliable;
  • beltless overheat and last longer, but performance is lower.

Depending on the outlet pressure, there are 3 types of compressors:

  • low pressure (5-12 bar);
  • medium pressure (30-50 bar);
  • high pressure (150–300 bar).

For domestic needs, it is enough to buy a low-pressure compressor. When choosing, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • power (from 800 to 4000 W and above);
  • productivity (average 150–500 l / min);
  • maximum outlet pressure (for household models: 5–13 bar);
  • receiver volume (from 6 to 500 l and higher for professional models);
  • work resource.