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Outdoor LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are have a flexible base in the form of a tape on which, with a certain periodicity, the LEDs are fixed. These diode tapes have a self-adhesive surface for quick and easy installation. Tapes are produced with a large selection of LED element colors. They can be not only white, but also red, green, blue and other colors. On sale are products that differ in the power of light elements, the choice of which depends on the purpose of this tape.

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Advantages of SMD Tape
Diode tape has significant advantages over traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps.
Durability. Unlike conventional light sources, the LED strip lasts much longer, as it is designed for 50,000-100,000 hours of constant light.
Energy saving. By deciding to buy a high-quality LED strip, you can significantly reduce energy costs by getting the necessary lighting.
Universality. This type of lighting is suitable for external and internal improvement. The LED strip is resistant to overheating and moisture, can be used as lighting for aquariums, pools, balconies, architectural facades, windows, as well as curtains, paintings, work surfaces of kitchen sets.
Simple installation. LED-tape is quite simple to install, there is no need to attract specialists, since the work can be done independently.
The tape is characterized by a wide scope. Today, almost every design project includes this lighting system. Such popularity is explained by the wide opportunities for the embodiment of any, the most daring lighting ideas. In our online store in Moscow you can choose and order LED strips at attractive prices on wholesale terms. The use of modern solutions allows you to effectively change the interiors and exteriors, to add originality, to give them sophistication.[/su_expand]