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Floor Lights

Floor lamps are essential for a room to be well-lit. A ceiling light alone is not enough. On the other hand, no floor lamp is enough to illuminate the entire room on its own. The two luminous elements must necessarily compensate each other.

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Fortunately, the ceiling light must be connected to the electrical connection of the ceiling, while a simple power socket is sufficient for the floor lamp. Getting better is a breeze!

What is the floor light used for?

  • Read the paper,
  • create atmosphere,
  • to work,
  • do it yourself,
  • create a bright corner,
  • divide the environment
  • and, above all, furnish (the floor lamps can be exquisite!)

The functions of a floor lamp are wide. Obviously, there is no perfect lamp for everything. For this, there are several types.

What types of floor lamps exist?

There are three types of floor lights: classic, arc and projector based on shape and function. For many people, the most important function of a floor lamp is to allow reading. For the choice of shape, it is important to consider the environment and the style of furniture.

Classic floor lights

Classic floor lamps consist of a base, a stem and a lampshade, for example, in fabric. They are used to create bright corners and to divide the space. In addition, classic floor lamps are also wonderful furnishing elements. Many hotels also use floor lamps to embellish the lobby and create spaces inviting, which is true at home too!

Arc lights

The arc lamps have the characteristic arched stem. The base is positioned under the sofa, while the structure extends and illuminates the book from above (or from the side) with direct light. Here's how to make reading even more enjoyable!

Projector lights

Projector lamps look like classic floor lamps. The light, however, does not spread sideways but hits the ceiling. If the tint is dark, the effect is marginal. A light colour, on the other hand, reflects the light spreading it throughout the room. Be careful, though: indirect light is not suitable for reading. Projector lamp designers know this well. For this, they added a light source: the reading lamp with a flexible arm. Nothing more practical!

A timeless piece of furniture: the tripod lamp

Tripod lamps are lighting systems and trendy furnishings that never go out of style. They are reminiscent of a camera tripod. Although there are several variations, all crowned by a projector – to the point of remembering the lighting of a film studio – models with fabric lampshades are also in great demand. The latter, associated with a wooden tripod, gives the home a touch of Scandinavian warmth.

Be inspired by the wide selection of lamps on tripods

Which incandescent bulb is better to mount on a floor lamp?

No incandescent light bulbs: we avoid unnecessary power consumption. Modern LED bulbs produce a pleasant light, with good colour rendering and the right brightness. All with 90% energy savings. If you have a floor lamp with lamp holders, replace the old bulbs with LED elements. Do you want to buy a new floor lamp? Magnificent! Then you can consider the option of integrated fixed LEDs.

Are the new floor lamps also dimmable?

Of course, there are LEDs in the dimmable version. Because to relax in front of a book or newspaper, you need the perfect light intensity. Every light is different. That's why quality floor lamps, like many projector lamps, are equipped with dimmers. Each of the two lights (main and reading) can be regulated separately.

Not sure if a specific product is dimmable? Look for the line “Dimmable” in the technical characteristics of the product. If “Yes” is indicated, connect the power plug, and you can adjust the light intensity of the lamp.

Which lamp should I choose?

It depends on the style of the furniture. Just like pendant lamps, table lamps and so on, you don't have to choose between two or three models. You can filter the results according to your lifestyle. Here are some examples:

  • country style floor lights, made of wrought iron with a rustic effect,
  • wooden floor lights, for a warm and welcoming style,
  • designer floor lights signed Luceplan, FLOS & Co.,
  • floor lamp with fabric shade, for an even softer light,
  • tripod floor lights. Timeless!