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Solar Panels & Kits For Sale In South Africa

Solar energy is a renewable, clean and inexhaustible energy that is obtained by taking advantage of the sun’s radiation. It is the easiest way to save on your electricity bill or get electricity in an isolated, rural or hard-to-reach area.

In Panel Solar Peru we present you photovoltaic solar kits at the best price, designed to cover your needs, are easy to assemble and have a quick amortization.

Our solar kits include all the elements you may need for assembly: solar panels, structures, charge regulators, inverters, protections and cables. The assemblies are simple. Manuals for each product and instructions for carrying out the installation are attached with the shipment of the material. In addition, we have a free telephone service attended by qualified technicians who will answer all the questions that may arise during the installation.

We have a wide variety of kits dedicated to isolated homes . We have them with inverters from 150 W for lighting and small electronic devices, to kits with 5000 VA inverters that, used together with a generator , can provide you with unlimited energy to power household appliances, water pumps, computers … With them today it is already It is possible to isolate oneself from the electricity grid in even high-consumption homes, and no longer depend on electricity companies.

If you are connected to the electricity grid and what you want is to save, you can get a self-consumption solar kit . These solar kits directly inject the energy produced by the sun into the home or business network, self-generating part of the electricity that is being consumed. In this way we manage to lower the electricity bill a lot.

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