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Home Backup Generators

Gasoline generators – mobile power plants, generating an average of up to 5-10 kW. Convenient as a backup source of energy. They are purchased for use outside the city, at a retail outlet, in the country, in a garage or workshop. Please browse our range of Ryobi petrol generators for sale!

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The advantages of petrol generators include:

  • generators for saleMobility – due to their lightweight and compactness, they are easy to load in the trunk.
  • Ease of use – any homeowner, can learn how to use this equipment. Special training is not needed.
  • Small investments – prices for gas generators are relatively low. However, with constant use, you need to be prepared for large consumption of gasoline.

When choosing a gasoline generator forgiving, the following parameters will be crucial:

  • Output power – selected based on the planned loads. The energy demand is calculated with a 20-25% margin so that the generator does not work at the limit. To power lamps, household appliances and medium power tools, a power station with a capacity of up to 3-5 kW is enough.
  • Fuel consumption – with equal power, choose a model with lower gas mileage.
  • Fuel tank volume – affects the duration of continuous operation.
  • Startup type (manual, electric, combined) – the electric start is simpler and more convenient, but the manual is practically trouble-free.

One of the advantages of petrol generators is affordable prices. The average cost of low-power models is 5 – 6 thousand Rands. Diesel generators require large initial investments.