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Skilled craftsmen will perform inexpensive, but very high-quality comprehensive turnkey bathroom repairs in Cape Town, Durbanville and Somerset West. In addition, they also accept applications for finishing work in new buildings, and we carry out repairs in full accordance with the requirements of South African Regulations, taking into account the wishes of a particular customer.


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    bathroom remodeling

    Bathroom Remodeling

    Even if the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, for a bathroom renovation company, it is a room that requires a lot of work to renovate. So no need to try these renovations by yourself, better to call a professional. 

    In just a few m², contractors will need to be able to install all the necessary equipment: electric cables, cupboards, plumbing, bath, toilet, faucet … It is therefore advisable to call on a bathroom renovation company to avoid any problem. 

    The renovator will offer you a more elaborate finish. He can perform tasks such as: removing old equipment, installing a new bathtub, installing a walk-in shower, installing a sink or sink and also installing tiling on the wall or on the ground. 

    Experienced Contractors At Your Service!

    The bathroom renovator takes charge of the bathroom renovation project from its initial design to the very last towel rack screwed to the wall. 

    • He will also take care of plumbing and electrical work. 
    • The installation the shower or the bathtub in the rules of the art. 
    • A sink and toilet must also be installed by a professional, as well as the floor, bathroom tiles, cabinets, flooring, bathroom lights …

    Our bathroom renovation companies have years of experience and know what is necessary to complete the project at the lowest cost. You thus avoid making modifications by yourself, which could cause problems and cost you more to repair. 

    bathroom remodeling

    Hardware Connection includes an extensive assortment of products for construction, repair and interior decoration. 

    We will help you change your living space for the better: build a house, start repairing an apartment or  prove yourself in interior design. 

    Each of your ideas can be implemented using materials, equipment, tools and accessories from Hardware Connection.

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