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Impact Wrenches & Breakers

Electric wrench – a tool designed for assembly / disassembly of various threaded connections. Basically, its use begins in cases where it is impossible to do with a simple wrench: for example, if necessary, disassemble hard-to-reach joints, rusted metal, stuck nuts, etc.[su_expand link_color=”cc0000″]

Main advantages:

  • Unlike a hand tool, an electric wrench can significantly reduce the effort and reduce the time to complete work.
  • Controlled torque when tightening or loosening threaded connections is also an indisputable advantage of wrenches. This feature ensures maximum precision.


Depending on the type of food used, they share:

  • rechargeable – run on battery power. As a rule, modern models use either nickel-cadmium or lithium-ion batteries. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages .;
  • pneumatic;
  • network (electrical) – connects to the electrical network. As for the advantages and disadvantages, the reverse situation is here – such models cannot be called mobile, however, as mentioned earlier, they have more impressive performance indicators. It is advisable to buy a wrench of this type in cases where the need for high power prevails over the requirements for mobility and independence from electricity. In this class, one can distinguish the MAKITA 6906 electric impact wrench, it has excellent power – 850 W and a torque of 850 Nm.
  • Another classification option is by area of ​​use. For large-scale works, an industrial wrench is used – these are powerful devices focused on long-term intensive loads. The price of industrial-grade wrenches is quite impressive, so it is advisable to buy them only for large-scale industries, otherwise the tool will most likely not pay for itself.
  • For work in small workshops or for domestic use (for example, motorists – for mounting wheels) a compact hand-held screwdriver-wrench is suitable. It does not take up much space and is convenient in transportation, while its technical indicators will be quite enough for the tasks performed.

You can buy an electric wrench at our Hardware Connection online tool store, we guarantee fast and high-quality delivery of tools throughout South Africa. [/su_expand]