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Shower Hoses

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A Shower hose can be classified as the most important plumbing product. Its main task is to combine a shower rose with a water supply and a mixer. It turns out that the overall quality of the shower hose, its strength and the reliability of the threaded connections determine how comfortable the shower will be.

Production Materials

Outside, the hose is metal, but inside it is an analogue of plastic, rubber or a combination of these materials. Each option has its own strengths and weaknesses:

  • Rubber. The cheapest option. The outer shell of metal can protect the material from critical bends, but the strength, however, leaves much to be desired.
  • Plastic. It is considered more durable and strong since, in most cases, it is supplemented by an internal metal-based winding that is not in direct contact with water.
  • Rubber + plastic. Ideal for those who often take a hot shower. The material is extremely resistant to temperature extremes.

Of course, metal hoses can also differ in design, which allows you to choose the model that most closely matches the interior of your bathroom.

Extra features

The price of shower hoses with shower roses, in many respects, determines their durability, more expensive models have the following advantages:

The inner hose is supplemented with threads of metal which significantly increases its strength and durability;

  • The design of the hose changes; it acquires significant resistance to twisting
  • Threaded connections are strengthened and strengthened accordingly, which minimizes the likelihood of leakage; even excessive force will not cause a thread to “break”
  • The appearance of the hoses is more attractive; the products delight the eye with a bright, unusual colour or lustre of chrome.

Hardware Connection offers you to buy a shower hose of the desired configuration and type at affordable prices. Our consultants are always ready to assist you in the selection process and give recommendations on selecting a model that perfectly suits your requirements.